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Customized doesn’t mean expensive.  We put together tour packages for every type of budget, both great and small.  The price of your customized tour package will depend on several factors, such as the number of days on tour, the types of hotels and lodges that you would like, room occupancy, how many meals you want to include, the number and types of excursions you want, the need for internal domestic flights, the locations you decide to visit, and your decision to have one of our bilingual naturalist guides accompany you on part or all of your tour.  Note: The overwhelming majority of our clients (95%) choose to have a private guide with them on their expedition.  Our professional guides provide the educational and natural expertise that transform your ordinary trip into an experience of a lifetime!

We work with all types of travel groups and dedicate ourselves fully to each and every one, regardless of the number of travelers or services requested.  While we have clients who request day trips or individual services that range anywhere from $80-$250, most of our travelers choose Natural Expeditions because they want us to design and operate the entire tour program from start to finish.  These programs typically range from $950 up to $3,500 per person, depending on the number of days, travelers, and services requested.

What We Can Do that Others Can not

We draw upon our extensive knowledge of every corner of the countries of Costa Rica and Peru to offer our clients unique experiences that aren’t offered by other tour companies.  Simply put, you let us know what you want to do and we make it happen.  We have connections to suit all types of interests, including indigenous communities, biological stations, educational institutions, business organizations, and local families, so we can provide you with the authentic experience you’ve been looking for.  Working directly with the local providers to make sure all aspects of your tour are a complete success, you truly receive first-class, personalized service during every part of your travel with Natural Expeditions.

Cultural Discoveries

All of our tour programs focus on immersing our travelers in the awe-inspiring natural and wonders of Costa Rica and Peru, but we also spice up your experience with the rich and welcoming culture of the Costa Rican and Peruvian people.  In addition to any cultural activities that you choose to include in your customized itinerary, we like to throw in a couple of surprise “discoveries” along the route.  This is just one way we ensure our clients always get more than they expect when traveling with Natural Expeditions.

Include Flights or Purchase the Ground-Only Program

We are happy to provide the ground-only portion of your tour program, but we can also include airfare in the complete package if you’d prefer that we arrange all of the travel details.  When traveling with a group of 10 or more, we recommend that you include airfare so we can provide you with some flexibility in case of cancellations or modifications to the group.

We also include domestic internal flights within these countries at our travelers’ request.  These flights simplify time if a client has limited travel time and would like to maximize the amount of time spent at each location visited in the country.

Let Us Design a Perfectly Customized Experience for You

Natural Expeditions offers an unlimited variety of tour options based on your preferences for activities, length of the tour, and price.  Contact Us today to begin planning your unforgettable experience.

Not sure where to start? Use our wish list to click on your interests so we can custom design your perfect Costa Rican or Peruvian experience – for FREE!



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