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Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

In the central part of the Pacific coastline in Costa Rica, there is a unique piece of land best known as Manuel Antonio. This National Park has a natural extension called Punta Catedral. In the past, there was no connection with the place so it was more like an independent island. However, throughout her constantly active tectonic plates system, mother nature created a path that put together both the island and mainland, giving people the possibility to explore and get to know more about this particular latitude.

The path of Punta Catedral’s protected area has been a great way for visitors to hike and learn about the plant and animal life that is very unique within the concept of a tropical rain forest. As visitors explore, they will be likely to find a large number of mammals that inhabit the place such as three different species of monkeys, two and three toed sloths, snakes, and several kinds of lizard and bird species.

The views from the summit of this 300 feet (ASL) paradise will permit anyone to get spectacular pictures. As the trail begins the descent, the cool breeze will reward anyone who took the challenge to go beyond the idea of Manuel Antonio as simply a place to swim.

This may not be a recommended hike for travelers who suffer from asthma or who have difficulty traversing a large number of steps. The place is really humid, even on cloudy days, so do not forget a bottle of water so you can stay hydrated while on your tropical adventure.

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