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Mawamba Lodge Costa Rica


Mawamba is one of the Lodges used by Natural Expeditions in the area of Tortuguero Costa Rica. Its location regarding the beach and the Tortuguero village is very convenient for visitors, needless to say, that when the spawning season comes turtles are just one step away.

The construction of the place is simple and rustic but cozy and peaceful. For over twenty years the Mawamba Lodge had served hundreds of tourist from around the world. Its gardens are kept with pride and care, as well as loaded with a variety of tropical plant and tree species.

Staff at the Mawamba lodge is courteous and professional; different generations had served the Tortuguero visitors through this location, connecting the outsiders with the traditions and culture of this small community.

The base of power “Mawamba” as explained by the owner Mr. Dada is a word taken from the African Swahili dialect which gave the inspiration for the lodge’s name. In fact, Mawamba Lodge is one of the first places in the area inspiring other investors to follow the base of the power’s idea.

At Natural Expeditions when we choose the place where our clients will stay, it’s not a random last-minute decision; it is the result of a long-term relationship with the supplier where we know our client’s expectations are going to be fulfilled.

For information regarding booking on this lodge give us a call at (563) 594-4389 or send us an email at info@naturalexpeditions.com

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