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My experience with Natural Expeditions was very interesting and exciting!! Our tour was based on our own personal interests that were far more than I was expecting. Our guide was very helpful in identifying most flora and fauna making it a very educational experience along with a fun and relaxing one as well. He knew his way around the country very well and I felt very comfortable and safe in my travels. I would definitely go on another guided tour and would recommend Natural Expeditions to anyone who wants to travel there.

Loryn B., NY

Natural Expeditions provided our student tour with so many opportunities and new experiences for us. From helping in a school to integrating within the Costa Rican culture, the whole trip is something that I will always remember and look back on as a wonderful experience in my life! Thank you for providing us with this opportunity!

Hillary Veitch

This was a trip of a lifetime. There was so much packed into each day, yet it was perfectly paced. I definitely plan on doing this trip again with Natural Expeditions.

Ann H., Chillicothe, IL

My time in Costa Rica with Natural Expeditions was incredible! They really personalized our trip to match the kind of things we were looking for. We only had a few days so it was tiring to pack everything in- but worth it! My entire family is considering going with Natural Expeditions!


The purpose of my travel was to take a Botany student from Empire State College on a guided independent study in Tropical Rainforest Ecology. Loryn and I were two "happy campers"--they truly are the Costa Rica experts! As an educator in the natural sciences, and a frequent traveler to Costa Rica, I highly recommend using Natural Expeditions for ANY of your travel needs. They will provide you with a safe travel environment, fair prices, custom packages, and superior customer service before, during, and after your natural expedition. I learned more in this two week expedition than I learned in all of my combined travels to Costa Rica over the years. Thanks again, Kimberly and Jose Rojas, of Natural Expeditions! Excellent--keep up the GREAT work! - Empire State College, NY

Amy L. Noga

As the adviser for the Illinois State University Spanish Club, I would like to say thanks to Natural Expeditions for making our first cultural experience field trip to Costa Rica so special!!!! The trip was amazing! The program that Natural Expeditions designed for us was a lot of fun and with a lot of cultural experiences. These were my requirements and Natural Expeditions made it possible, and for that reason the trip was a complete success! The personnel for this company loves Costa Rica and they really know what they are doing. All the questions were answered to the participants. We followed the schedule without any delay and without any problem. From my point of view, everything was perfect. Pura vida!!!! - Illinois State University

Marinelly Castillo-Zuniga

My 20 year old college son and I had the most wonderful trip imaginable in Costa Rica! Our customized tour program was truly perfect. We appreciate the wonderful service and professional planning from Natural Expeditions. Everything from the local guides and drivers to the planned adventure activities was spot on! Thank you for providing this life long experience for us. - Columbus, OH

Susie and Dan R.

Natural Expeditions is an amazing company that will undoubtedly provide a great experience to anyone who seeks it. They are always thinking about you and how to fulfill your expectations, while giving you the best possible experience you can imagine.

Kelly R., IL

Natural Expeditions gave us the trip of a lifetime! We experienced so many different things that I never would have been able to do on my own. The trip was truly life changing and something that I will never forget. My experience has already got me thinking about when I can return!

Alyssa J., Chicago, IL

The tour was amazing! We got to see so many different places and sites in just one week. We really got to experience the culture of Costa Rica, which is exactly what we wanted.

Krista B., IA

This was a great tour of Costa Rica. We were a small group, and Natural Expeditions tailored the tour to our interests. Our expectations were met and, in fact, exceeded.

Jane O., IL

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