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Venecia Costa Rica

Established in the early nineteen hundreds, Venecia is a district of San Carlos located in the province of Alajuela, Costa Rica. Located within the district is a small town, also with the name of Venecia, with an approximate elevation of 1800 feet above sea level and an estimated population of about 9,635 inhabitants.

Various activities sustain the economy of this town such as cattle and chicken farming as well as pineapples and multiple types of tubers. Some of its rivers have been used by the Costa Rican government to build dams for the production of hydropower. The location of this district (to the north of the Central Mountain Range and its many active volcanoes), allow “Venecianos” to have the benefit of natural hot-springs and excellent areas for hiking. Like many other regions of Costa Rica, Venecia offers an incredible natural scenery composed of waterfalls, rivers, and also a great view of the northern plains. On a clear day from Venecia, a person could see as far as the Arenal Volcano, the Nicaraguan border, and some areas of the Caribbean coastline. As with all areas of Costa Rica, one of the most important elements of Venecia is its people. “Venecianos” are kind, friendly, and very proud of their land.

If you want to spend time in Venecia, there are small hotels or cabins where you can stay. If you plan, there are a lot of the local families who would be happy to host you and your family for a few days. Torre Fuerte is one of the small hotels in Venecia. The side of the road strategically locates it in the heart of town. It is administrated by its owner Señora Patricia who will take care of the visitor in a very family-oriented way.

For your dining pleasure, there are “sodas,” which are small restaurants that serve traditional food with great Costa Rican flavor. Do not leave without dining at the restaurant at the Hotel Venecia. At night, gather with friends at Roberto’s Steak House, which has a variety of national drinks along with the well-known “Bocas” or appetizers. It is a small place with a great ambiance to mingle with the locals.

Thousands of tourists from all nationalities drive by Venecia every year as they move from the Caribbean coast to the Arenal Volcano area. However, not too many have discovered the beauty of this town and the warmth of its people.

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